The phrase author epiphany refers to the moment when a passionate writer has the realisation that they could make a living as an author, running their business from the comfort of their laptop and working in freedom from anywhere in the world.

It’s a magical realisation that many contemporary writers have, but the moment all too often passes quickly as the demands of day-to-day living take over and that spark of inspiration is prematurely extinguished.

This website aims to give authors the knowledge, encouragement, and resources they need in order to keep their epiphanic vision alive and turn their authorly aspirations into a prosperous reality.

A man with a cup of coffee and a laptop

An epiphany is…

“a moment of sudden insight or understanding”

“a major realisation in life”

“a moment of revelation and insight”

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An author is…

“someone with the most valuable of all talents”
(Thomas Jefferson)

“a creator who can make anything”
(C. S. Lewis)

“an inexhaustible source of magic”
(J. K. Rowling)


Is Your Dream to Become a Full-Time Author?

On this website you’ll find a variety of articles covering the many different elements involved in making a living as a self-publishing author. I hope that you will leave here feeling better equipped to live a life of joyful writing.

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